About us

We are Deyan and Nataliya/brother and sister/ who stand behind the KLOSHAR BAGS brand. It all started in the summer of 2014, when for the first time we both saw the potential in creating bags with gramophone records built into them. We are music lovers and lovers of the music that sounds on this medium and we want records to continue to be listened to in the future, for we have made it our mission to use them wisely and above all not to destroy them. What's more, we seal them very stylishly and securely and hand them over to you, our customers.

Educationally, none of us have majored in fashion, advertising or marketing. In his teenage years, one was oriented towards finance and the other towards music. However, with the start of KLOSHAR BAGS, we both found our calling. Deyan found himself attracted to the possibilities of the camera, and I got into sewing, design and of course... music. We came together and started building with such passion and enthusiasm that we still can't see anything else we want to do more than this. In the beginning, everything was just a hobby, but when people started asking and searching for our brand more and more often, we decided it was time to take this idea more seriously.

It was funny how I made the first bag - from scraps of leather and fabric discarded by a furniture manufacturing company. And that's where the name of the brand comes from - KLOSHAR means "bum, tramp" in Bulgarian (a homeless person, someone looking for a living in garbage). Our beginning started out as a bag of trash for some, but full of treasure for us. Over the years, we have decided to maintain this trend and throw away almost no waste. Especially with the environment in mind. For the same reason, we don't produce as many bags, but we do collections with smaller runs and less often. In this way, we also give our team time to clean up the details, research the materials and make something truly durable, sustainable and well thought out. We are not fans of fast fashion and that's why we produce our products by hand - more slowly, but with much more detail and with a lot of desire and heart. Because we really love what we do and if you can feel it too by buying our product, then we are going in the right direction.

A little information about the work process:
Nataliya is the person who mainly deals with the design and production of the models. Quite often, she chooses the necessary materials herself, comes up with a sketch and then makes it in her studio. Sometimes Deyan is also involved in this process if there is a dilemma about a shape, colors, function or another product detail (a man's eye sees things in a different way). After the product is ready, it's time for Deyan to show it off.
Together, the brother and sister duo make their photoshoots and videos. They also work on advertising and distribution of the brand and strongly believe that if the product is really good, then it can speak well enough for itself and that there is no better advertisement than satisfied customers.

We are always happy to communicate if you have any questions!

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